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Health MAP Architectural Design Documents

NOTE:The documents and pages will remain in active development and contents can change without notice. Always refer to the release dates. The same can be said for the prototype of the data visualization based on current database structure.

System Design, Architecture and Schedule of Implementation (May 2018)

Appendices (ZIP; 12.8MB)


A. Basic Animal Information Form (as of 2017-03) (document)
B. Basic Animal Information (basicAnimalInfo.xsd | documentation)
C. Group Event (groupEvent.xsd | documentation)
D. Laboratory Examination ( animalLab.xsd | documentation)
E. Animal Release (animalRelease.xsd | documentation)
F. Animal Died/Euthanized (animalDied.xsd | documentation)
G. Animal Necropsy (animalNecropsy.xsd | documentation)
H. Health MAP Data Policy (March 2018)
I. WG2 Vocabulary for Laboratory Procedures (Example in RDF; Online test version)


1. Click here to download the GUI prototype. Please note that this GUI will work only in Windows environment (GUI)
2. Click here to download the presentation slide for the design work.
3. Click here for the prototype of the visualization module (LIVE)
4. Click here to go to the Research Workspace to upload GulfMAP data


For more information, please contact Felimon Gayanilo ( for the design documents, Rob Bochenek ( for the visualization module, or Samantha Simmons ( for general MMHMAP inquiries.


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